Vz3 Venezuelan Cubensis cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Vz3 Venezuelan Cubensis Magic Mushroom
A landrace cubensis strain from Venezuela, VZ3 is a new strain brought to the USA by @manna_myco. The specimen was a gift from manna’s friend who went down to Venezuela and stumbled upon a massive cubensis flush in the jungle. He took three spore prints at the location where it was found, one of which ended up in Mannas hands. Manna grew out the wild specimen in a monotub, took prints, and ran it three more times before giving a print to our friends in Amsterdam. When we were first given this strain we were told it was something special and one we should keep in our close circle.A note from our friends in Amsterdam growing this strain: “I want to stress that these are not a beginner level cube. These have been one of the trickiest varieties to work with. Being so close to the original mother genetics, it acts incredibly wild. The original cluster came from the mountains of Venezuela, and it shows they came from altitude”. -HappyDemon

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